A truly sustainable workplace solution run by the landlord.

V-CO is a story of emerging from adversity into success, where the role of a landlord and asset management experience are incorporated to approach coworking.


Created by business leaders for fellow innovative minds; V-CO is the smarter alternative to ordinary offices, offering a cost effective and flexible workplace solution. We’ve built a trusted and curated network of people, a workspace where business gets done, professional relationships grow and flourish, and work-life balance is easily achieved.


We go beyond providing only the fundamentals. By applying the mentality of a landlord and bringing in the asset management experiences, we were able to achieve vertical integration success, turning V POINT into a one-stop destination for productivity, wellness, and pleasure. 


V Co​ by ​V Point​, located at ​Causeway Bay Hong Kong​ unique office layout allows us to offer all members complete flexibility on the type of fit-out they require. Flexible office space can be customised to specific needs, from single ​co-working​ ​desks, to larger private office spaces.


Our location is based in ​Causeway Bay, ​at the very heart of Hong Kong’s business life. ​The flex office space​ is a few minutes from the city’s CBD and the wealth of amenities, for retail and F&B, not to mention transport links, make​ ​V-Co a truly enviable place to work.


Some of the best ideas and business decisions are made when we are at our most relaxed and reflective. ​V Co’​s five-star ​co-working​ ​and lounge services ensure that all our members’ hospitality needs are taken care of, so they can focus on their own business goals. V-Co community development is also a huge part of our hospitality, emphasizing the creative hub in​ ​Causeway Bay​; ​it became our core value to continue nurturing the community with resources and support.


V Co​, as the premium Hong Kong​ ​landlord owned co-working space​ located at ​Causeway Bay, prides itself on the collective energy of multiple high-growth businesses working side-by-side. It’s equally important to us that our members feel as secure as they do inspire, and enjoy the anchor of a working home even as their business world is moving at light speed.


V Co goes to great lengths to foster creativity and collaboration, through our range of networking gatherings and initiatives in our dedicated events space. Our members are diverse, dynamic and driven, and our space is a crucible for their new ideas, connections and opportunities.


Sustainability is at the core of what we do as a company.​ V Co, as a landlord-owned co-working space ​gives us the reach and endurance to implement and maintain long-lasting sustainability targets.