Running 6-Star meetings and events

When working, choosing the right environment is important to maintain the maximum productivity. Spaces like Meeting and Conference Rooms can play a key role in ensuring you leave a lasting, impactful, positive impression on your clients and achieve the business targets.

We will help you establish an enhanced outlook for your business by giving you some tips on what to keep in mind when choosing your next conference rooms, venue space or meeting location.


Strategic location is one of the priorities, as it enables clients as well as employees to meet in a physical setting. This is one of the key advantages of V-Co, located in the heart of Causeway Bay, providing excellent accessibility for any of your participants who should be arriving by train, bus or car. It helps the customers to avoid traveling to remote areas with inefficient public transport as the location is right in the middle of everything a business client could need. Surrounded by all types of public transport, big shopping malls and restaurants, its perfect both for business and after-work meetings.


V-Co besides securing a perfect city location, gives to its clients a great range of facilities, from boardrooms that can easily host 12-15 people to smaller, more private 8 people rooms to serve all types of teams and businesses. Each of these is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and a possibility to conduct international calls and the most modern technological advancements, including a projector with a screen, perfect for various presentations and showcases of products or goals. Besides working spaces there is a spacious and modern communal area for coffee breaks and drinks where the clients can network in a more casual way or recharge before coming back to business.


V-Co offers a series of unique experiences which will enhance the work-day’s flow. From a possibility to organize meal-oriented meetings, such as breakfast meeting, lunch meeting or a meeting with coffee and snacks. With all of that, the chance for valuable networking increases significantly, as V-Co makes sure that all needs of individuals will be understood and assisted.


V-Co cares about the clients and they are the core of the V-Co business model. All services are offered alongside with assistance provided by experienced professionals, including tech support and concierge service at a world-class level. For each conference and meeting, rooms can be set individually including a customized seat arrangement to ensure efficiency and accommodate the clients’ needs. Besides, it is possible to make last-minute installations, which offers great flexibility in using V-Co services, making it outstanding among competitors.

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