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Top 5 Tips to choose Coworking Space

As a new wave of Covid-19 sweeps through the city, remote working becomes more popular than ever; thereby, many companies switched to a digital or hybrid office mode during the pandemic. A pleasant work environment is critical to your company's success. This guide will help you on choosing a productive and enjoyable co-working area.

1. Location

A convenient and secure location is essential to business. Being located in a prestigious neighbourhood can impress your potential clients. A reasonable commuting distance from local conveniences such as restaurants, availability of parking, shops, and public transit, is a big plus as well.

2. Security

Be sure to check out the security measures, especially if the place is open all day and night. A landlord-owned workspace could be more secured as both landlord and operator, which tends to be less affected by rent fluctuations.

3. Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of remote working lies in its flexibility. When looking for a coworking space, it is essential to understand how flexible the place is in terms of timings and future expansions. Be sure to find out if the contract length and terms fit your needs, as well as any hidden fee behind the office amenities, including air conditioning and electricity.

4. Amenities

It’s crucial to work in a pleasant and creative setting. A coworking space with world-class amenities is always a plus. Aside from the typical free coffee, Wi-Fi, and printing, finding an area that can offer above and beyond will make your work life much easier.

5. Community

Brainstorming, collaborating, and networking with other entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and talented independent professionals are the significant benefits you will enjoy for choosing a coworking space with the right community.

How can V-Co be the solution?

V-Co is a premium landlord-owned coworking space in the heart of Causeway Bay. We are determined to provide a secure and stable workspace for members. Our uniqueness lies in our multi-aspect flexibility, accessibility to modern office spaces and security, which allows you to entirely focus on achieving goals and getting inspiration for new ideas.

With a range of affordable and flexible plans, you can cancel your membership with short notice.

Book a tour with us.

If you are interested in V-Co, check out our solutions or reach out to us at or +852 6016 3896.


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